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"I Cry For Thee Chanel"

Image of "I Cry For Thee Chanel"
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Batman's pretty emotional when it comes to Chanel. These colors work! 😎

16x20" mixed media on canvas acrylic spray paint

Coated With A Beautiful Art Resin!
*(the resin causes a slight glare on the photos)

(*also see contact page) Serious Enquiries Only!

It's good to be King! Billionaire, Playboy, Breaker of Criminal Bones...

"No one, can save the day like Batman
Robin, will make you sway like that and
Beat for beat, rhyme for rhyme
Deep in Gotham, fightin crime
No one, can save the day like Batman"

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Batman symbolizes humanity's rising to the occassion in the in the face of desparate circumstances.

Batman has failed, tragically, and countless times. He has been broken down physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, but he keeps on rising, stronger. It is not that he is strong even though he has faced such difficulties but rather he is strong BECAUSE he has faced such difficulties. He is a man who has faced his fears head on and conquered them. He is a man who, even with good intentions, has been responsible for many bad things...failures, and while he always feels guilty, he still strives to go on and better himself. He reflects the side of humanity where our willpower and determination overcomes weakness.