Custom Painting For Eilah Beavers

Image of Custom Painting For Eilah Beavers

In this commission I will reproduce a close facsimile of the Mel Bochner "Obvious" piece shown in the picture on a 48x48" sturdy canvas.

I'll paint it is such a way that closely resembles the original piece with the crackly lettering.

Rendered as close as possible but given that it is cracked and thick paint there is going to be some spontaneity.

I'll make sure its dry before crating and shipping to Coconut Grove, Florida. The painting will be shipped in a custom size crate that I will personally build to cradle and protect with appropriate cushioning.

All of this should be accomplished between 4 to 6 weeks (you see I try to do things timely but I don't want to make the same mistake in rushing as before).

Payment is in 3 parts:

half of the $3200 at the start of the project and the other half upon completion.
For a total of $3200.00.

Final payment will be whatever the best option we can agree on the shipping. I will work with my local shipping company to avoid using the same freight company as before and only charge whatever this cost is.

Start of project: $1600.00
End of project to be paid in full before immediate shipping: $1600.00
Shipping cost=? To be determined by best option available.