Custom "Fragile Handle With Care" Mixed Media Painting.

Image of Custom "Fragile Handle With Care" Mixed Media Painting.

Here's a breakdown of the process.

In this commission I will reproduce a close facsimile of the "Fragile Handle With Care" piece shown in the picture on a 48x48" sturdy canvas and frame.

I'll Arrange the fragile stickers in a composition that closely resembles the original piece.

Taking into account that this 48x48" piece is larger in sq. in. than the original. So there will be many more 3x5" stickers than on the original.
I'll then seal it with a layer or two of high gloss resin.

After this I will attempt to replicate the "I Love You" black spray paint lettering that is on the original. The lettering and drip patterns will be rendered as close as possible but given that it is spray paint there is going to be some spontaneity.

Then I'll seal it with another layer of high gloss resin and leave it to dry a few days before crating and shipping to Coconut Grove, Florida. The painting will be shipped in a custom size crate that I will pesonally build to cradle and protect with appropriate cushioning.

All of this should be accomplished within thirty days as long as the materials I'll have to order arrive in a reasonable amount of time.

Payment is half at the start of the project and half upon completion.
For a total of $2150.00.

Start of project: $1,075.00
End of project to be paid in full before immediate shipping: $1075.00

Simple black frame added - $150